What is TakNotify

TakNotify is an open source library for .NET Core applications to simplify sending notifications through various providers.

The main goal of TakNotify is to help developers to integrate various notification services into an application easily in a uniformed style, both for the setup mechanism and also for the send method invocation.


TakNotify libraries are available as NuGet packages and can be installed easily into an ASP.NET Core application, either by using the “Manage NuGet Packages” feature in Visual Studio or by using the dotnet add package command from the command line:

dotnet add package TakNotify.AspNetCore
dotnet add package TakNotify.Provider.Smtp

The TakNotify.AspNetCore package contains the functionality to register the INotification object into the ASP.NET Core Dependency Injection pipeline. INotification is the object in TakNotify that responsibles to manage the instance of TakNotify Providers and invoke the correct send notification method for you.

The TakNotify.Provider.Smtp package is one of TakNotify Provider which will be used to send email notifications via SMTP. You could install multiple providers into an application.

Both packages above have dependencies to the main TakNotify library. But you don’t have to install it separately because it will be downloaded automatically if you use the NuGet package installation command as above.


After installing the required packages, you can add the following code to the ConfigureServices method in Startup.cs:

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)

        .AddProvider<SmtpProvider, SmtpProviderOptions>(options =>
            options.Server = Configuration.GetValue<string>("Smtp:Server");
            options.Port = Configuration.GetValue<int>("Smtp:Port");
            options.Username = Configuration.GetValue<string>("Smtp:Username");
            options.Password = Configuration.GetValue<string>("Smtp:Password");
            options.UseSSL = Configuration.GetValue<bool>("Smtp:UseSSL");


Please note that you will need to reference the TakNotify namespace by adding the following code on top of the file:

using TakNotify;

The AddTakNotify() method will register the INotification as a singleton object in the application.

The AddProvider<>() method will register the notification provider along with its specific options. In the sample code above, the option values are taken from the Configuration object. You can add multiple providers in the set up.

Sending the notification

Let’s say you want to send notification from a controller, you can inject the INotification object into the constructor:

private readonly INotification _notification;
public WeatherForecastController(INotification notification)
    _notification = notification;

You can always use the generic INotification.Send() method to send the notification. However, the notification providers that you have installed usually bring an extension method that you can use to send a notification that is specific to the provider. Like in the SMTP provider, you can use the SendEmailWithSmtp() method to send an email notification:

public async Task<IAsyncResult> Get()

    var message = new EmailMessage()
        ToAddresses = new List<string> { "user@example.com" },
        FromAddress = "noreply@example.com",
        Subject = "[TakNotify] Weather Forecast",
        Body = $"Forecast: {JsonConvert.SerializeObject(items)}"
    var result = await _notification.SendEmailWithSmtp(message);


Sample Application

If you want to see how TakNotify is used in a working application, please clone the Sample project from https://github.com/TakNotify/Samples:

git clone https://github.com/TakNotify/Samples

Depending on the provider that you want to test, you need to complete the settings in the src\Web\appsettings.json first. For example, if you want to try sending email via SMTP, you need to fill the following settings:

  "Smtp": {
    "Server": "smtp.gmail.com",
    "Port": 587,
    "Username": "user@gmail.com",
    "Password": "[pass]",
    "UseSSL": true,
    "DefaultFromAddress": ""

If you use Visual Studio to open the solution, you can run the Web project directly by pressing F5.

If you prefer to use command line, you can use the following command, and open https://localhost:5001 in your browser:

dotnet run -p .\src\Web\

Available Providers

These are the providers that you can use with TakNotify:

More providers will be coming soon.

Build from the source code

The source code of TakNotify can be cloned from GitHub:

git clone https://github.com/TakNotify/TakNotify

The easiest way to build TakNotify from the source code is by executing the build.ps1 script:


The only pre-requisite to build TakNotify is that you have .NET Core SDK 3.1 installed in your machine.

You can also build the TakNotify providers by following the same procedure as above.


As an open source project, TakNotify is open for any contribution from the community. The contribution could be in the form of bug reporting, bug fixing, request for features, new TakNotify providers, etc. Feel free to get in touch with the team via the Issues page (or in each of provider repository if it is specific to certain provider) if you are not clear about anything. Thank you.